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4th .mov International Film, Music, and Literature Festival

Last night, after a boring day in the office, I went straight to Podium and became this estranged woman among the famous personalities socializing with each other, and among the random names of guests posted on each chair, who happened to be film magnates. I heaved a dreamy sigh of ‘I wish I’ll become one of them too.’ There I was, at the 4th .mov International Film, Music, and Literature Festival.

I saw Nityalila Saulo, an officemate from the previous company where I used to work before I got into ABS-CBN. She’s a singer-songwriter, a true-blue artist, whose Dad owns a cool shop in The Collective: Yadu. Bags sold in Yadu have this eccentric and ancient stroke of designs: ethnicity, tradition, and a humble cloud of modernity.

BUT. We aren’t really that close so I had to wade off the awkwardness so I munched some free food and observe what is there to observe. The program started around 8 P.M. I could only remember the consul general of Slovenia addressing the crowd and commemorating Alexis Tioseco and Nika Bohinc who were murdered two years ago. Unfortunately, their case hasn’t been resolved up to date. I wish I knew them. They spoke about their passion on Philippine cinema that I achingly wish I, too, have: that same rush of endearment towards something and an impeccable taste on arts.

Khavn dela Cruz and Alexis’ sister sang Sapat Na. I didn’t know Khavn could play the piano so well. The song accompanied by the grand piano is a creation on the bosom of subtle grandeur, which lyrics painted a sad longing in me. That simplicity of having to love and care for someone, the littlest thing from waking up in the morning and kissing your loved ones to hearing them say those three precious words, I love you, gave me that elusive Thursday repose.

The Brocka’s also did a number where Khavn led Alexis’ The Letter I Would Love to Read to You in Person into one revolutionary stint.

I’ve read the letter just now as I write this entry. It had such prowess. And I would like to read and read and read it again to remind me where my stance is, how his passion for film, for arts, has gouged deeper into my heart. I never actually tried to understand why I download and care to watch films, classics, indie, those that are most likely perceived by everyone as boring and weird, but the answer, or rather, that fact has really been there all along. I wasn’t just curious enough to understand the dealings of my own.

Quoting from Alexis,

“The first impulse is always one of love,”

I didn’t know that the world of film, music, and literature has a small area dedicated for someone like me, and in that small space where I marvel at the magnificence of such creations and bask in the unmistakable presence of the artist’s ardent passion, I find contentment and beauty in being a keen spectator.

“One thing has slowly progressed into another and, what began as a simple curiosity pursued with sincerity, has evolved into a commitment. “



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