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All About Eve and the Classics

So many times that my inclination to watch classic movies stirred up heated discussions with my friends. Now that I’m on it once AGAIN, I have quite a reflection as to why I became so faddish about anything that is classic.

Timeliness and timelessness, and Depth

A theme or a story that encompasses the beauty and complexities of human experience, of that lustrous humane element that makes film so much of an art as it attempts to capture a distantly inexpressible quality is more often than not an absentee in the present choices of movies we have today. And these elements, say, the complexities of the characters, the conflict, the setting, the message – when all these elements were put together – would lag behind our mind; It can discomfort us or keep us drained, disturbed, and moved; these elements make film other than a medium of entertainment an ageless companion from whom we can experience and learn so much.

The Pioneers

I can’t help but be amazed at how with little influence of technology filmmakers back then were able to create the greatest movies which techniques in writing, screenplay, direction have set the benchmark and standards that we still use today in filmmaking. We are standing on the shoulders of giants.


So, here’s a classic movie equipped with a well-written script, impeccable performance from Bette Davis, as the aging Broadway star in the persona of Margo Channing (I was gonna say impeccable enunciation, too) and a domineering graciousness and antagonism (classic bitchiness) that really got me tied up on my seat, All About Eve certainly glamoured me into recommending it.


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