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Research and True Love, A Perfect Combination

Audrey Tautou’s eyes never failed to flash a beam of uncoiling strength and hope in finding her one true love in this two-hour long movie, A Very Long Engagement. I would be lying if I tell you what a spectacular viewing experience it was as I was kept hanging in suspense waiting how Mathilde’s investigation and research on her fiancé’s fate would turn out.

Set on the marshy and death-reeking plane of France, almost nine months before the war was over, A Very Long Engagement’s finely sewn webbed plot with each of the five soldiers, whose conflict started from their unabashed desire to end their service in the army by self-mutilation, and which stories of either survival or death, had aided Mathilde’s search for her lost lover.

With great performances from Audrey Tautou, Jodi Foster, Marion Cotillard, who successfully conveyed the torment that came along with their longing, perseverance and vengeance, and like in any other Jeunet’s films where production design, costume and cinematography one could not helped but marvel at, A Very Long Engagement, though I wouldn’t include it on my list of top favourite movies, it sure hinted love as a force beyond our reckoning and filmmaking a most elaborate and apt art to capture such mystery.


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