weird is worth it

What Else?

Have you ever been warned that playing safe won’t get you anywhere?


What Else

by Lolito Go

So there’s try in poetry. And in carpentry too.

Yes, in palmistry as well. What else to say

but try. Poetry is to try to hammer your palm

without breaking a bone. Poetry nails it.

Poetry is a line on a palm that translates

into the cryptic language of seers. And language

is the realized dream of the bone. Or the tooth.

You see, poetry tries hard to endure its opposite:

a man hurting from a hammer that fell right unto

his head. What else to say but — what else?

To say is but to try and fall and break.

So try another art that does not hurt.

For example, dentistry. The intimate practice

of taking care of someone else’s mouth.

Or sometimes, the brutal art of benumbing a gum

before uprooting a tooth that’s not your own.


Source:  Under the Storm: An Anthology of Contemporary Philippine Poetry


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