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That Valentine Oomph

A month ago I’ve just gotten myself out of a ‘wrong’ relationship with a guy – whom I thought of course would finally bring me into the world of true and everlasting love; to further aggrandize my humiliation and pain, in the same time my heart was being torn apart, I also found myself being betrayed by a friend. Now, will there ever be a reason to dance, sway and smile as the romantic, valentine air breezes in?

YES YES YES! Love doesn’t have to end when a relationship ends. Little do we know that our capability to love rather matures, than ends. We can choose to forgive and surrender all our frustrations, surrender all things that seem too impossible to fix, things that are too big for us to handle– into prayer.

We are not made to face heartaches alone and we are not created to bank all hatred and bitterness and let time nurture them for a bigger interest.

We can choose to find an iota of love and let it flower into acceptance, forgiveness, and faithfulness.  We can choose to be joyful and celebrate Valentine’s day in faith that someday if our hearts truly desire to find that person, we will, faith will; that person will find us.

We can choose to greet our friends and remember how they’ve always shown us loyalty and kindness.

Let us be grateful that life has been so courageous that it didn’t think twice in removing those that would just hurt us more, those that would treat us like trash, those whose friendships and affection are as superficial and insincere as what we have pictured in our fears. Let us be thankful that they have stopped being the wrong partner or friend and that we have also stopped being the wrong one for them.

We don’t have to parade how we have blossomed in their absence. We don’t have to boast and put on our make-up, our best dresses to prove how better our life became without them. Didn’t they make us smile too? Didn’t they try to make our day too? Once, they have been an important part of us. We have to stop painting them like they have always been our hearts’ nemesis, that they have always been the villain in our love stories. We can always feel better for ourselves because we truly feel better, because the morning has greeted us with some inexplicable grace to appreciate everything that operates around us. Let’s don on our best clothes because we want to be part of a wonderful celebration, because we want ourselves to breathe in and breathe out happiness, friendship and love – because that’s what we are made of!

It is never a cliche to be grateful for having our parents around for they have really been the epitome of love. We can choose to share with the happiness of our friends as their face lightens up upon receiving a bouquet of flower, a gift, or a letter. The randomness of romance when our bosses are thoughtful enough to give his or her subordinate some cute edible flowers or a short valentine note.. or that enchanting music playing just about everywhere. Let us recognize that love is in the air wanting the best for us, waiting for God’s unexpected and faithful move.


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