weird is worth it

A Little Bit of Shirking Would Do :)

Stealing a few minutes from the daily demands of just plain existing and surviving a methodical grind of labor, I could say that my saturnine days are over. There’s no better way to start a day  than to greet the morning with a prayer. All geared up for work, it wouldn’t hurt to smile at my neighbor’s household helper and be more than observant to the little ways of strangers in the train and the waning, valued cultures and traditions I am happy to have glanced at and pondered upon as this day progresses.

1. A woman standing and reading a Filipino book amid the aggressive professionals and students that thronged the train

A month ago I went to an interview and the interviewer who happens to be an American asked me about the things I do on my free time. I said that I like to read and blog. Blandly, he commented that he finds it interesting how some Filipinos still take time to read books. He added that in the span of his stay in the Philippines, he have come to learn that reading doesn’t really make into the top of the list of hobbies of most his Filipino friends. Who could really say? I am hoping for more and more Filipinos to indulge in reading books or online articles.

2. A stranger doing just about everything to ask an old lady standing a few meters away from him to take his seat. The little windows of opportunity for knighthood are everywhere, gentlemen!

3. That victorious feeling over the tip-of-the-tongue annoying phenomenon

In my case, I was able to remember the details of my dream 😉

4. I’ve learned an interesting and gory word this morning: suttee. Suttee is “the former Hindu practice of a widow immolating herself on her husband’s funeral pyre.” The things one does for love — that with a question mark.

5. I suddenly remembered the Chinese Math teacher who gave me a card in hopes of pacifying my rowdiness in class

Printed in the card was this verse: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” As a child wanting to please a group of cool –cool, now being the subject of my sarcasm– high school bullies, I dismissed the gesture and the verse as some corny, unconventional educational trick! Years have gone by, whereas I struggled to silent myself from talking about what got me to give more importance to character than fame or superficial fanciness, what inspired me to take my studies seriously while I was still in college, what has gotten to me that I aspire to become better, this verse in a very mysterious way initialized that spiritual inspiration that has been the invisible force wheeling my life.

How can I not be grateful enough for having Math as a subject. 🙂


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