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“What’s the Point of Your Point?”

Most of us gave our best in alluding emptiness. Some questioned the solitary life they have led. Some went on accepting the fact that most questions they have about relationship will forever remain under the covers of mystery, unanswered, incomprehensible. Others have gone astray, deceived by delusional tales of a love triangle or ménage à trois.

After all, how can we explore emptiness? How else can we learn to find a link that would connect us back again to a world where everybody gets to be happy for the thrill, fun, adventure of just being in love, if not, for the perseverance, otherwise, numbness and dejection we gain as we look for that cold, temporal light like the glow coming from a firefly?

Written by award-winning Japanese playwright, Suzue Toshiro, Fireflies succumbed not on the overly dramatic tendencies of staging dissatisfaction and pain. The continuum in the characters’ search for spiritual liberation was well supported by an ingenious use of metaphors and superb performances from the actors of Tanghalang Ateneo.

Having watched the play, I find the piece complements the Songs of Solomon I’ve posted before. Go on, click click 🙂


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