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What Good is It for a Man to Gain the Whole World?

Tony Montana, a Cuban refugee in a drug-endemic Miami, was able to get everything he has laid his eyes on — or shall I say his balls have ever dared coveting. In his way up to becoming a drug-lord linchpin (so he thought he’s invincible and eliminating him is way too impossible a plan), his greediness slowly turned his sanity into a bloody rift of survival and losing everything he had worked for his entire life.

Scarface which stars Al Pacino as Tony Montana easily set the standard in making gangster-movies. The underground world of drug-trafficking should of course convey to its audience that element of fear and disgust for moral decay and violence; but along with that, as a viewer, it is inevitable to walk away from the TV set without admiring how fashionable, cool, iconic a bad-ass mob leader like the Godfather father star has always been; Al Pacino gave his role what was entirely missing in the plot of Scarface –and that is justice.


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