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Summer in the Philippines!

It’s the season of ultimate fun. As a Filipina, I take pride on the Filipino culture of celebrating fiestas with family. Eating lechon, bangus, mangga and other Filipino delicacies together on a table-sized banana leaf and scooping a handful  bring out the simplest and invaluable joy of being with relatives and friends, a celebration divested of pretensions and stress.

Neighbors get together and share whatever food they have prepared for their household. Children frolic under the scorching heat of the sun, and when are thirsty and hungry, would run to the nearest store to buy some Halo-Halo; they would find an immediate repose while munching some crushed ice mixed with ube, sago, buko, beans, leche flan.

Summer in the Philippines delights too on Filipino talents showcased in a sundry of fashionable and vivacious designs on festivals like Pinagbenga,  Pahiyas, Paraw, and Flores de Mayo.

There is more to Philippines than just the mere subject of having fun and this summer station ID of ABS-CBN (TFC in North America, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore), would attest to that 🙂 I wonder if it would make you want to join the Ati-Atihan dance too!


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