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Truth Be Told

How many instances in our lives have we found ourselves grappling our will to hide our true opinions and feelings? Afraid that the truth will reverberate back at us and hurt us, that it may serve as a catalyst to ruin an existing or developing friendship, we tend to twist the virtue of silence to match our cowardice. I am not well-trained in suppressing my feelings especially in my relationships. I must say it’s one of the areas in my life that really needs “technical support.” However, observing how a few people who happen to be close to me finds favor and peace in saying the truth, herein I realized that what most of us lack in telling the truth is the gentleness, understanding, and timing that go with it.

1. A friend’s receptiveness for criticisms

Jonah told me about her friend whom she really cares for. They have been working together for almost a year now. She’s been meaning to tell her friend how her worrying and panicking at work has contributed to her stress and a relatively important shift in her character. Her friend has become very irritable, blaming others when things don’t go the way she wants it too, and constantly complaining about problems which solutions are way out of her  hands. She’d kept mum about it, fearing that her friend might find her concern offensive. She instead prayed for it; asked God to interfere. Then came a time when the two of them were alone sharing their dreams and concerns about their future. Jonah felt that it was the right time to tell her. She knew in her heart that her friend’s interest weighs more than anything else at that time. She was careful and gentle. Her friend, she added, listened carefully too.

2. A colleague’s steadfast resolve for revisions

The Filipino Channel is changing its over-all look. From its juicy new year look (its 2012 broadcast design reminds me of refreshing soda ads) to summer fiesta look, we are all up for the daily and nightly grind. When pressure is up, bosses are scourging for perfection, this is broadcasting after all, people tend to harry each other to save their own asses. And if you are not the boss, the master of the house, you should seriously fasten your battle gears once you resume the post of a messenger and ask a handsome, nevertheless, tired and grumpy, graphic artist for some revisions. But isn’t it great when the horrible tales of graphic artists-turned-huntsman aren’t true at all? I appreciate people who are able to pull off a gracious countenance to accommodate changes in plans, designs, especially, deadlines; more so, people who act upon these changes cheerfully.

3. A comment for literature’s sake

The initial step in creating a blog is to make it an extension of ourselves. We blog because we are now in the position and power to be gatekeepers; we now enjoy that privilege of being able to decide which subject to feature, which stuff to talk about, etc. We blog so we can share information. Of course, we do want to increase visitors on our site, increase traffic and the number of people commenting and noticing what for others could be so insubstantial and dull. Where for some, commenting on other blogs seem like an effective way to link them back on their site, I think it is important that we, bloggers, keep that integrity and genuine interest in giving out comments. Truth first then marketing, next. And I suppose, we can keep our blogosphere untarnished by simply keeping up with the truth through the smallest act of, say, posting a comment.


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