weird is worth it


Today, I have to go back to being a child. Being a kid.

I have to write these questions within me. What was it like?

What was life like when I see a product, a toy, a bar of chocolate?

When I read a tagline…

What was it like when I like something?

When I see it, did I even read it?

When I read it, did I even ponder about it?

What was it like when I understood it?

Was Maurice Sendak right

when he said childhood never did exist?

We all didn’t have one. That vague past didn’t at all create some magic

when I played princess and had that long, flowery blanket as my dandy frock.

When did wisdom begin?

In a tagline of a product? Of a candy stall?

When I was taught to share? To give?

Did I learn to share

while a kid felt envious over a stack of coloring books

-and realized in his old age- he had just then learned how to – covet?

And didn’t I just learn from the cold stare I gave – indifference?

If I had been an intelligent kid, I would have known what intelligence stands for.

So I have to get back with these latest discoveries, theories about the smarts.

‘Tis Gardner’s theory.

What was it like not knowing everyone

was born with something,

a talent, a skill, other than the mere task of existing?

How will I say it as a child? How will I write it as a child?

What about for a title, an advocacy title? “My Dumb Days are Over.”

And a tagline like: “Now You Know You’re Smart, Kick Some Ass?”

Or will I threw some tantrums because for 20 years,

some of us had learned to compete, rate from 1 to 10,

which one sucks the most, which dumbness, idiocy

the world has no use for?

How will I put it so it would sell?

The message is all about the smarts

and that they need not feel bad for not

excelling the way others excelled at class…

and that for the most part,

quitting school doesn’t seem like such a bad idea after all.


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