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No to Delusional Flicks

Not all stories have happy endings. Most of us focus our attention to either the beginning or the ‘live happily ever’ ending.

I couldn’t help but listen to my two office mates who were unnervingly talking about a series of chick flicks which one can easily categorize as cliche, demeaning and too dreamy. Portrayals of manic pixie girls have done enough damage to the way men idealize the ‘perfect woman’. Sure, movie-makers can retain that same old Hollywood formula but can’t they at least explore more? Go beyond and in-depth in terms of scriptwriting, the setting, the characters, the plot…

Here are a few films that particularly disturbed me while allowing my mind to wonder and marvel at the things that take place in between a beginning and a dark ending.

1. 2046

2. Psycho

3. Skyfall


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