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In the Healing Presence of God – Sandy Hook Shooting

It’s an unimaginable tragedy. Kids shot. Dead. Children whose lives are bonded forever with their parents yet all at once their bodily presence is forever lost. I wish my heart is big enough to share their burden. Even I couldn’t bear the thought of losing a loved one, much more a slight hint of losing my own child. It is a lot to take. Asking them to turn to God is easier said than done. The easiness of questioning God is tantamount to the hardness of accepting the reality of their death.

But I pray that in the midst of their mourning, they will find the strength to stay in the loving presence of God for He alone can heal and bind up their wounds and fill the the seemingly eternal longing to bring their children back. Recovery is but of course a challenge at the moment…forgetting, forgiving and waking up every morning and moving on with a broken, grieving heart…But I pray that in the morning when they wake up, they will find hope in the renewing grace of God. I pray that in the middle of their day, even as they sink into their chair, embracing the pain of having to go forward in the course of their bereavement, I pray they will find solace in their own little nook, braving the odds with a graceful will to live on. I pray that they will embrace the knowledge that they are loved and blessed even though at the moment they are drowned by their fears and tears.

It is my prayer that when they walk the streets where it took place, it is justice and a loving, optimistic future they will see. And at night when they are reminiscing the times they had for their dear little angels, their longing will turn to a fireball of love full of magical memories and they will rather treasure it and be blessed by the memory of their warmth and innocence. I pray that when again they will fight or force themselves to fall out or into a deep, hopeless slumber, they will embrace the peace of God and thirst for His healing presence, be steadfast in their faith that recovery is on its way…that God is closer to them than ever…

In Jesus name, I pray, amen.


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