weird is worth it

Fairytale and Folklore

I was waiting for my friend in Podium when  this art exhibit lured me into taking snapshots of its interesting oeuvres. Walking around and exploring the intricacy of such artworks was indeed a time -of waiting- well spent. The paintings were created by two young artists in the blessed name of Nacion and Ongchangco.



It’s quite fun to imagine that Thumbelina listens to Jazz music (though she is not a character that I am very familiar with even when I was a child). It would be really cool if kids learn to appreciate Jazz at such a young age.


I was taught to believe that fairy tales are for children, but if you would really ponder about it and consider their original plots, something freakishly adult and wicked lies in its message. So as for this piece, I find these two worlds– that of a child and of an adult — meeting in a confluence of harshness and innocence. Why wouldn’t they just let the poor child sleep and find some other way to know if she’s a true princess or not!




Philippine folklore has one of the most interesting and creepiest themes and stories among other literary pieces. Here, the mystery that is uniquely a mark of a Philippine folklore was complexly combined with vivid colors and lively patterns (details). The creatures shrouded by the smoky and foggy breeze of the night was mystifying. It attracts such curiosity that I was drawn to their existence and at the same time, non-existence.

I wish I could learn more about arts. However inadequate my knowledge is about it, I am glad to be one of the people to revel at its beauty.


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