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Extraordinary Yogi Morning at Yogi Fair

Here’s a tale of an extraordinary Sunday morning.

It has something to do with enlightenment. I supposed life is gifted with metaphors that I, most of time, fail to see. But today, with jumpy spirits, I woke up with a nudging feeling of wanting to make my friend happy. She’s one very promising cook. Just recently, she launched to the public her online food store which she aptly called, My Vegetarian Cuisine.

My Vegetarian Cuisine joins Yogi Fair.

My Vegetarian Cuisine joins Yogi Fair.

Other than gobbling delectable vegetarian dishes from My Vegetarian Cuisine, I was surprised to find myself in a threefold glorious experience which consists of food, arts, and yoga. Thanks to the bright minds behind the Yogi Fair.

Yogi Logo

Yogi Fair is this tastefully executed exhibition of  handcrafted and eco-loving products, ranging from (but not limited to) foods, beverages, crafts and accessories, soap, perfume, and oil, all of which promote the enlightened, holistic and balanced Yogi lifestyle.

Yogi means an enlightened person or it can also refer to somebody who is knowledgeable in Yoga. If I am not mistaken, most of the exhibitors conduct Yoga classes and some even have their own Yoga studio. The fair aims to reach out to the public and promote non-violence and a harmonious relationship with the environment through cultivation of inner peace within the self.

A growing segment of ARTrepreneurs showcased their handcrafted designs and their very own organic formulas proven to have helped ease stress and lighten up, say, a weary spirit.


Here’s a list of delectable vegetarian dishes from My Vegetarian Cuisine.


We tried the Pasticiatta&Korean BBQ. Both viands made us drool for more.


Vegetarian Barbecue


Vegetarian Caldereta


This vegetarian Palabok is a must-try!


A slice of egg-less chocolate cake perfectly sealed our enlightened brunch!

Last summer, I was really trying to work on my tan, but I completely failed. When I saw this, it made me miss my hometown, La Union. I feel sorry that I didn’t have enough money to buy this! Something tells me this is a more potent tanning formula!




To quench my thirst, I bought a bottle of Spinach, Cucumber and Mint mix from the Juice Barista. It was so beautifully refreshing! Plus, the lady and I had a short talk and I find her to be very enterprising.



20130825_100047  1233315_10200552585080076_537965589_n


Though I was hoping to buy myself a pair of earrings, I decided to just settle with a really cute, red coin purse from Yadu.


Here are a few fragrant items that had me stopping to sniff for more 🙂




And lastly, as I have said earlier, it was a tripartite Sunday treat. A fair set on an art gallery was not only unique, but also a buzzing brilliant idea! The Yogi Fair was held at this little, cozy gallery called My Little Art Place.



Percussive vibes on all the gallery walls!


536786_10200552579679941_1899082329_n  1236170_10200552588760168_1941999903_n



So much around us that we don’t see. As I was off to go to celebrate our church’s 29th Anniversary, I discovered the so many themes that matched life at a certain point. And today’s theme wasn’t just calling for enlightenment, it’s all about friendship, culture and gratefulness working from within our souls.

Photographer: CJ Anter

My Vegetarian Cuisine


My Little Art Place


Yogi Fair



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