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Choosing Lust Over God

Beautiful things happened to me and my family last week. There are so many beautiful experiences that I should be thanking God for. But here I am choosing lust over praise. Here I am lazily choosing ingratitude over meditating on God’s word.

I was reminded of what the critic in the book of Ecclesiastes was saying about life. It is all a chasing after the wind. Without God—it is all for naught. The pleasures of this world are all for nothing.

I miss God. In my week-long vacation, I never had the chance to converse with Him. No quality time, no intense Bible reading, no intimate prayer time with my God. Consciously, I must confess that I chose not to give enough time for Him. Something in me opposes my desires to please Him.  And so in my weakness, I succumbed to my flesh’s desires for worldly pleasures. Instead of saving my time and energy for Him, I chose to waste my time watching movies, thinking lustful thoughts and committing lustful acts.

What a shame. Is this how I’m repaying my God for all the wonderful deeds He’s done for me?

Despite of all the wicked things I did, these are some of the insights I want to impart to all my readers…

We should work hard on allotting time to read the Bible—everyday. I’ve experienced that the less time I spend with God, the more vulnerable I became to lustful thoughts.

I know the voice of the Holy Spirit has been there all along, but because I neglected my quiet time, I became more inclined to obey the desires of the flesh over God’s call. And this is because my mind is preoccupied by worldly things. Filling our minds with God’s word is the best combat strategy that will help keep us from sinning.

Confess. Confess. Confess. We should never allow our sins to take hold of us by being mum about them. We should come to God and pour our hearts out. No matter how shameful it is, we must lay it all down on the table and ask God’s forgiveness.

And pray unceasingly. In prayer, we must remember that God’s mercy and grace are far bigger than our sins. And we must must believe in the power He gave us to trample evil.





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